Tuesday, February 26, 2008

40miles 2000' / Tues 7am / MTV-44

Lovely day for a ride (MB link).  The timing was perfect; I met up with the Trinh Train right at the end of Canada.  Man, it's been a while since I recorded a Canada RD TTT entry (from 92 to Edgewood Rd).  23.0 mph avg.  Not bad for early in the year, without any helpful tailwinds.  Compare that to...

10/2 - space, chris, trinh, space, then me w/sprint finish

9/25 - solo

9/25 - space, chris, trinh and me with equal rotations

9/18 - marius, & me w/leadout from whole "team".  must be headwind.

9/14 - Chris, Space and Me pulling

8/21 - Longer rotations w/4 riders

8/15 - 2min rotations with Marius

7/24 - On Space's wheel

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 3:07 PM, Ryan PC Gibson <ryanpc@google.com> wrote:
I'm riding up to me the SF2G.Skyline crew tomorrow morning.  Great training route, perfect weather and gorgeous cyclists.  Moderate pace expected (2:30).  Email or text if you would like to join me.

 -- Ryan*PC

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