Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NRLB 2/14 Skyline 6:30 am Peet's

(old post from the email vault)

SF2G Skyline NRLB Report!

trees in SF swayed under the mightily wind at night, but what a beautiful morning it was.... the final pack of the leisurely-minded riders (trinh, mary, andy, ealtendorf, and yours truly) coalesced at the intersection of John Daly and Skyline after taking sunrise valentine photos on the beach, and took off in a leisurely-minded way southbound, covering both sections of the Sawyer Camp Trail, with an unidentified flying object (UFO) passing a few hundred feet over our heads at one point (or so it seemed). not entirely defeated by crosswinds, after news of a lurking ryanpc and bradshaw on the road ahead and rumors of Crittenden breakfast til 10am, we forgone the scenic Portola loop in favor of trafficked Palo Alto streets. The peloton never saw the breakaway, as ryanpc reported, too bad.

first skyline of the year for all but our fearless leader trinh, and first sf2g of the year for at least half. congrats to all.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 12:02 PM, Ryan PC Gibson wrote:

G2 SF2G Ride Report:

Left Google at 7am on the dot, and enjoyed a brisk morning ride out to Woodside. No sign of the gang at the end of Canada, so pushed on and ran into Pete who must have overtaken the main pack when they chose SCT. We waited another ten minutes or so, then pushed on. Individual time trial on CR was not a PBR (10:26) but definitely a confidence booster this time of year (thanks Mr Tail Wind!) Pete and I took it easy since it was his first skyline this year, and rolled in to campus about 10:30. We never did see the main pack. Until next time!

-- Ryan*PC

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