Friday, January 30, 2009

1/30 bayway 6:30 RRR

let's start the weekend off right. -trinh -----

+1 w00t -mike -----

+1 -sean -----

+1 AND I have a new "flat resistant" rear tire (blue!), AND am now carrying an extra gator-skin and 3 extra tubes in my backpack. -ted -----

+1 yaaay tropical weather! -lina -----

I'm in. I have a 10am mtg though so I need to roll. But we have some newbies who would like it to be a NRLB. Anyone want to sweep? Brett -----

let me hasten to add that this is an NRLB ride to be swept by yours truly, possibly with the gracious assistance of One Kit Murph. furthermore, this springlike weather should get you hibernating, winter-fearing fuzzballs back on the bike, if you can find it under the layers of dust... you know who you are :) -sc -----

Scott - did you not know this is "Big Ten Week"? Monday - I wore the colors of the Lafayette Hard Men - the Old Gold and Black of Purdue Thursday - I wore the wonderful Orange and Blue of the Fighting Illini in honor of tonight's battle with Minnesota. Perhaps tommorow I go way out of bounds and will honor the Spartans of Michigan State by wearing ... green. Of course my Orange Illini jersey looked more like blood and flegm after getting repeatedly dropped this AM. -murph -----

One Kit, if you possessed more than one bike outfit, you would have worn it by now, so I therefore call bull$%&* on these lies. next thing you know, Lorenzo will assert that he has indulged in the ultimate luxurious conspicuous consumption & pure ostentation of a 2nd bike jersey... inconceivable! last, there's some TMI in there somewhere. -sc -----

That was the fastest Bayway I've ever done (at 17.9mph rolling average starting at my house). I'm going to change the name from "NRLB Friday" to "TFMPHPL Friday" for "twenty five mile per hour pace line friday." Sorry I sucked wheel the whole time but that's about all I was capable of. Thanks Everybody! -ted -----

I'm bummed out, my recording got corrupted somehow at the end when I attempted to stop it. Oh well, I guess Scott's sprint victories will be relegated to the trash can of history... -sean -----

they will live on in my heart. the full-bayway video i have, on the other hand, features an extremely hungover me being destroyed by jason grinstead on his sexy steelman... maybe i should learn imovie and edit that historic relic. -sc -----

did you get any vids of the ass of my jeans all ripped open? so much for the kevlar reinforcements i sewed in; they just weren't enough. -eric

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